Camden property prices fell slightly, despite house price inflation nationally – Hampstead and Highgate Express

Housing prices in the U.K. Have been up by several percent except for some neighborhoods. It seems as though the people of the U.K. Are a bit unsure of the housing market after the election and the brexit occurrence. And although the market prices on Camden properties is slightly lower than normal, the homes there are above the average value ofondon properties. So it would seem a good time to purchase nicer homes while they are at a lower price.

Key Takeaways:

  • Property prices rose 5.6 per cent in just one month across the UK, but this wasn’t reflected in Camden, where slow sales mean sellers are pricing cautiously
  • Camden property prices are fell 1.6 per cent from March to April this year, according to the latest House Price Index data from the Office of National Statistics.
  • In April 2016 the 3 per cent surcharge for second homes saw a surge followed by a sharp drop off in property purchases in Camden.

“The drop is a marginal one, and reflects recent advice from local estate agents that by dropping the dropping the asking price slightly sellers will attract interest.”

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