Don’t move house. Improve – and pay next to nothing –

You should not move to a new house, but improve your house and pay next to nothing for it. Homeowners across the country are improving their homes and doing it for next to nothing. If you manage your borrowings cleverly, then you will not have to worry about getting that brand new oven you may want. There has been strong growth for home prices and the cost of moving is very high as well. The general election has not helped much.

Key Takeaways:

  • One contractor noted that the kitchen portion of his building firm was three times busier than the year prior.
  • One architectural trend-spotter has noted that remodels, specifically lofts, extensions and other means of accommodating wider family units, are on the rise.
  • One practical reason for the remodels is that more elders are moving into their kids’ homes, to help with their grand-kids and save money.

“Strong house price growth and the high cost of moving have ensured that Brexit fears and the general election failed to stem the tide.”

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