Insomnia linked to premature birth in study of 3 million mothers –

Childbirth can be effected by a number of things, most of which doctors and expectant mothers are aware of and protect against. But a study done recently suggests that insomnia, with its heavy impact on general health, also effects gestation and can lead to premature birth. Published in Nature, the study is part of the USFC Preterm Birth Initiative. In looking at premature birth rates, a high correlation was discovered with sleep disorders in mothers. This is good news in some part since better sleep, alone can lead to a healthier baby.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prior to this work, there hasn’t been much research on sleep disorders in pregnant women.
  • Insomnia and sleep apnea increase the risk of a preterm birth by 30% and 40%, respectively.
  • Sleep disorders probably don’t directly lead to preterm births, they more likely trigger other health issues in the mother.

“Researchers found that women who had been diagnosed with insomnia or sleep apnoea were about twice as likely as women without sleep disorders to deliver their babies more than six weeks early.”

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