Best Buy Variable Rates Mortgages Table

The table below shows the latest best rates for Variable Rate Mortgages.

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Mortgage Lender* Rate* APR Cost* Type Period* Max LTV* Fee* Redemp- tion* More Info
Natwest 4.25% for term 4.4% Variable Term 80% £499 Can I Really Get This Rate?
Royal Bank of Scotland 4.25% for term 4.4% Variable Term 80% £499 Can I Really Get This Rate?

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Mortgage Lender

This shows the company who is offering the mortgage loan. It could be any financial institution that offers and/or arranges mortgages.

They could be an insurance company, a building society, a bank, a friendly society, unit trust managers and even supermarkets.


This shows the interest rate which will be applied to the mortgage loan.



The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is a way of leveling the playing field by providing a true comparison between different loans. It includes the cost of any “hidden” charges.

The resulting calculation shows you exactly what the loan will cost you every year over the length of the term.

(Read more about the APR here)



This is the length of time the interest rate applies.



Max LTV / Loan to Value.

This is the percentage which shows the size of your mortgage vs the property’s value.

For example, if your mortgage is £80,000 and the property’s value is £100,000 the loan to value is 80%.


Rate Reverts To

This is the variable interest rate this mortgage reverts to after the period.



The arrangement fee. This is what the lender charges for setting up the mortgage and is is usually payable on completion of the mortgage. It usually costs between £100 to £300 – or can be “free“.

Be careful here: This fee may be payable, even if your application doesn’t succeed. And there may be other charges for example an additional Application or Administration etc Fee. So check this beforehand.



When you take out a mortgage you have an agreement with the lender. This covers the amount you repay and is set for a particular period. The figure in the table shows the particular period. For example you may have a mortgage for a three year fixed interest rate of 5%. If you want to get out of this deal before the three years is up you’d probably have to pay a redemption penalty. This is a charge which supposedly compensates the mortgage lender for the time and expense of your leaving.


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