How to Find Your Conveyancer

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One of the least mentioned but most important bits of home buying advice is how it’s absolutely crucial to choose a good solicitor or conveyancer.

If you use a bad one it can ruin your deal.

Timing is the name of the game when buying (and selling) property successfully. We’ve seen (in Completing Your Property Deal) how important it is to make sure all your professionals are doing their stuff quickly.

If your solicitor drags their feet – as too many do – it could completely ruin your deal. Someone else will be able to move quicker and get “your” house. The chain will move on without you and you’ll be left screaming, stuck at the traffic lights.

About half of people who had problems when buying or selling their home say it was due to unnecessary delays by their solicitors.

So make sure you choose a good solicitor or conveyancing agent.

The best bet is word of mouth recommendations. Go to the phone book only as the very last option.