Mortgage Calculators Couples Borrowing Together

How Much Can a Couple borrow together?

Please fill in the following details to calculate the Mortgage amount you might be able to borrow

Annual Income for Applicant 1
Annual Income for Applicant 2
Mortgage Lenders will opt for one of the following income multiples.

Click the calculate buttons to see the result of each one
Variation One : Three times the greater income calculate
Variation Two : Two and a half times both annual incomes:
Variation Three : Three and a half times the greater income plus one year of the second income

You are entitled to borrow together up to:

How you might be able to borrow more than this

Here’s the secret: Some lenders use more sophisticated credit rating methods, where they examine your income and your outgoings. The idea is that every borrower has unique circumstances. Someone with teenage children and high outgoings can’t afford to borrow as much as a singleton earning the same salary.

To find out exactly how much you can borrow the best thing you can do is to checkout your situation with an independent mortgage adviser.

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