What Causes Delays

Any problem with arranging either the mortgage, the conveyancing or the valuation/survey can cause irritating and possibly crucial delays to the entire process of buying your home.

Each of the main players (ie the mortgage lender, your conveyancer and surveyor) all have a tendency to wait for each other to move first.

Things go nowhere fast unless you chivvy them all along.

Another cause of delays can be the local authority search.

You may be delayed by the seller’s solicitors. When this writer bought a flat the seller’s solicitors caused a huge delay by failing to send the lease to our solicitor, despite numerous reminders.

(Incidentally, the sellers’ Estate Agent then accused us of delaying the sale… When we gently pointed out the facts, there was no hint of embarrassment or apology. We didn’t want one because we wanted to keep everyone as “sweet” as possible. See keeping everyone sweet).

If you or the sellers are involved in a chain this often leads to delays outside your control.

Sometimes the sellers may be deliberately dragging their heels, either because their own purchase isn’t going to plan or maybe they’re hoping for a better price.

Welcome to Paranoia City. Try and stay cool and preferably avoid making any screaming accusations. It won’t help.

While 10% of home sales take more than 5 months to complete some sales can move very quickly, sometimes in a few days, particularly when the exchange and completion stages are done on the same day.


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