House prices rose £28 a DAY on average in 2017, with Clevedon, Ashbourne and Tewkesbury being the biggest winners

United Kingdom’s property values have risen substantially in 2017. Some properties have risen almost $30 a day in value. Property value in CLEVEDON, North Somerset has risen the most in value by 11.60% in 2017. The current average value of property in Clevedon is £334,245. Typical Britain property values have risen by an average £9,652 in 2017. ASHBOURNE, Derbyshire property value rose by 11.59% or £354,815. Britain’s property market is now valued £8.29 trillion, a £280 billion increase in 2017.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clevedon, a seaside resort in North Somerset, value rose 11.6 percent
  • Leigh, in Greater Mancheseter value fell by 4.61 percent
  • The British property market has increased by 3.5 percent and is now valued at 8.29 trillion

“The typical British home rose in value by a total of £9,652 this year, the equivalent of £28 per day, according to new research by Zoopla”

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