Other Things To Consider Before Buying In Ireland

The Irish property market is in many ways very similar to the UK property market. Buying in Ireland should not present any nasty surprises and should prove fairly simple as long as you have a reliable solicitor.

Don’t expect to get terrific bargains anymore – just as you won’t in the UK either.

However, you should find a good range of property from older, rural buildings to high-quality urban new builds.

Glossary of Key Irish Terms

Contract for sale – initial sale contract, setting out the terms and conditions of the sale and binding both seller and buyer to completion

Deed of Conveyance – final sale contract, approved by seller’s solicitor

Requisition on Title – checklist that the seller fills out, indicating which fixtures and fittings will remain with the property when it’s sold

Revenue Commissioners – the body who calculate how much Stamp Duty is due on a property when it is purchased

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