POLAND – Buying Polish Property and Getting a Mortgage in Poland

Easy Guide To Buying a Property In Poland



Until 2004, foreigners were not allowed to purchase property in Poland. Housing was extremely cheap and often in poor condition, and the mortgage market was limited.

In 2004, Poland joined the EU and everything changed. Foreigners from other EU countries can now own property in Poland with very few restrictions, the mortgage market is booming and a considerable amount of new housing is being built.

One of the side effects of Poland’s new accessibility is that people from Western Europe have started to realise just how much Poland has to offer – from its scenery to its culture, Poland is rich in variety, history and colour.

Buying a second property in Poland is becoming increasingly popular and is also getting easier, as Polish estate agents and lawyers become more experienced in dealing with foreign buyers.

Like most European countries, Poland has a system of notaries – government employed lawyers who deal with the legalities of property sales.

Your notary will also represent the seller and the whole sale process has an emphasis on face-to-face negotiations that UK buyers might find surprising (and refreshing!).

Here’s an overview of buying a home in Poland. Remember – although it is not customary among Poles, foreigners buying in Poland are well-advised to use an English-speaking Polish solicitor to help represent them in their dealings with the Notary.

Polish is an impenetrable language if you don’t speak it, and all official documents will be written in Polish. At the very least you will need a translator if you don’t speak Polish.


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