TURKEY – Buying Turkish Property and Mortgages in Turkey

Easy Guide To Buying A Property In Turkey for UK Citizens



Turkey is a unique melting pot of Asian, Arabic and European cultures – it’s where Europe and Asia meet – and its rich, varied heritage is reflected in every aspect of the country; from its architecture to its food.

Turkey has natural advantages, too. Blessed with extremely long, warm summers, it has a long, scenic coastline with large numbers of sandy beaches, as well as mountains, plains and of course several large, ancient cities such as Istanbul.

Despite its attractions as a tourist destination, it is only recently that it has become possible for foreigners to easily buy properties in Turkey.

In 2003, the laws relating to property ownership were relaxed, and since then the Turkish property market has really opened up to foreign buyers – with the British at the head of the queue.

UK citizens / British nationals own more residential property in Turkey than any other foreign nation and it has become an extremely popular place to buy a holiday home, with reasonable prices, friendly people and great food and weather!

We’ve put together this guide to help you understand what’s involved in buying a holiday home or investment property in Turkey – it is simpler than it seems and well within the means of most buyers looking for a home abroad.

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