What to Watch Out for When Buying in the USA

If you’re planning to rent out your Florida home, make sure you check very carefully whether you will be allowed to. Some areas of Florida have restrictions or even outright bans on holiday renting – make sure you or your realtor (buyer’s agent) double check any claims made by the seller about rental permissions.

As a foreigner buying a property for the first time in the USA, you may be required to pay your first year’s home insurance in advance, plus two or three months local taxes.


Glossary of Key US Terms

Documentary Stamp – a tax on mortgage borrowing in Florida

Escrow – a procedure where you place money into a trusted third-party account until a transaction completes. Commonly used for large purchases in the USA.

Intangible Tax – a tax on mortgage borrowing in Florida

Realtor – US name for real estate agent

Title – legal ownership of a property

Loan Officer – equivalent to a mortgage consultant in the UK

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