The Valuation and Survey Costs

Depending on which type of survey you decide to do the costs will vary as follows:

Mortgage Lender’s Valuation:

from £100 for a £50,000 plus flat

to £250 or more for a £200,000 plus property.

NB Some mortgage lenders will offer free valuations.


Basic Survey

from £250 normal to £400 rip off

Buyers often use faults revealed to renegotiate the price which can more than make up for the extra costs.

The basic survey may be offered as a package with the valuation and called various things by the different mortgage lenders eg the “Flatbuyers survey” or the “Housebuyers Report” and so on.

Even if it’s not offered as a package try to get the valuer to do a basic survey at the same time as this may be cheaper.


Full Structural Survey

from £450 for a standard size

Full Structural Survey can cost four or five times as much as a basic survey i.e. £800 upwards – though shop around as costs will vary.

Asking the mortgage lenders‘ valuers to quote you for doing the Full Structural Survey could be cheaper than arranging it independently. If so, make sure that you – and not the lender – will own the Full Structural Survey. (They will own the valuation)

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