UK house prices rising at fastest rate for eight months, says Halifax … – The Guardian

The UK housing market is weakening, especially in London. Housing prices keep going up. Housing prices are going up because of a lack of available properties and a rise in unemployment. The Halifax report is differing with other reports that say the housing market is fine. People are also reluctant to spend money and buy property in the UK at the moment. The housing market fall is causing a rise in other industries in the UK.

Key Takeaways:

  • The UK housing market has undergone a significant change recently. Prices are rising at the fastest rate in around eight months overall.
  • There is a squeeze on spending underway right now within the UK. Observers are waiting to see if the market has changed and if people improve their decisions.
  • Future interest rate changes may be on the rise for UK houses. The housing market was previously unlikely to be affected by an interest rate rise.

“Halifax said a squeeze on spending and rising prices could stifle future demand, but it believed that the housing market was unlikely to be badly affected by any future interest rise”

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