What property reforms do UK renters and homeowners want to see the most?

There have been eleven proposals for property sector reforms, and respondents gave their opinions on them. A majority of 55% of Brits support new laws prohibiting gazumping. 52% of people think caps should be imposed on property purchases by non-uk residents.49% think a house tribunal system should be introduced to review rises on rent. Only 47% think their should be caps for owning more than one property. 62% support abolishing the inheritance tax. Finally, 52% of renters who do not plan to buy property agree with council tax for rental properties.

Key Takeaways:

  • New research on UK adult homeowners and renters reveals the property reforms that are most popular among this group.
  • UK renters and property owners strongly want to see action taking against gazumping.
  • Most also support abolishing the inheritance tax on property assets – over 2/3 of this group.

“London-based bridging lender Market Financial Solutions (MFS) has commissioned an independent, nationally representative survey among more than 2,000 UK adults to find out which property policies and initiatives the UK public would most like to see introduced. The findings come in light of Kit Malthouse’s recent appointment as Housing Minister.”

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