Mortgages PLC – UK Mortgage Lenders

Launched in 1998, Mortgages PLC is present in London, Glasgow, Scarborough and Skipton. Since November 2004, Mortgages plc has been an entirely-owned subsidiary of Merrill Lynch, one of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Borrowers whose circumstances and financial situation have issues and problems, often are put outside the circle of traditional high street lenders. This market is called the non-conforming mortgage market, or the sub-prime or non status. Mortgages PLC provides, via intermediaries, a range of residential mortgages designed for this sector of borrowers.

Intermediaries are organisations or individuals that specialise in arranging mortgages for customers through a range of mortgage providers, but who do not provide mortgages of their own.

Mortgages PLC provides mortgages for borrowers with the following credit issues:

Repaying credit cards
Loans or other finance
Mortgage arrears
Past or present bankrupts
Divorce, redundancy, long term sickness
Self-employed, part-time and temporary workers

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