Mortgages for the Elderly

Pensioner Mortgages – for the over-60s and Elderly

The mortgage market has become increasingly cut-throat in recent years.

And as mortgage lenders compete for business, many will now take on customers they wouldn’t have considered in the past.

That includes “pensioners” approaching or even past traditional retirement age.

• A couple of dozen lenders will now consider borrowers over the age of 60

• About half of them will lend to the over-70s, and

• Two or three will even look at borrowers over the age of 80.


How to secure your mortgage

To get in touch with them, all you have to do is contact a mortgage adviser.

However, they won’t hand out cash to just anyone.

Lenders will want to be sure you have the means in the form of a pension or other income to repay the loan.

If you have, the next step is to read Mortgage choices for the over-60s.


If you don’t have enough income

Even if you don’t have enough income, you may still be able to borrow, provided a friend or relative is willing to act as guarantor.

To find out more about this, see Guarantor mortgages for the over-60s


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