Costs of a UK Mortgage

What’s the Problem?

It’s not always easy to understand the fine print of a mortgage deal – after all, it is not every day that you negotiate a five or six-figure secured loan.

Unfortunately, the mortgage lenders do this every day, and they have a very advanced understanding of all the different ways they can squeeze a little more money from each borrower.

One of the most common problems is hidden mortgage fees.

Many of the fees you may potentially be charged will never be mentioned to you, and even if they are, you will be hard-pressed to remember them or understand when they might apply.

We’ve scoured the terms and conditions of all the major lenders to come up with this guide to mortgage charges and fees, and the names they go by.

If you are thinking of remortgaging or getting a new mortgage, then you need to read on. We guarantee there will be something you didn’t know about.


Getting Started

Most people expect some fees at the beginning of a mortgage, and they aren’t usually disappointed. But mortgage fees and their descriptions vary widely between lenders, and there are sometimes a few charges you don’t expect.

Bear in mind that not all lenders charge all of these fees, but many do. Here is our list of the fees you might have to pay before you even move in: