First Time Buyers

Guide to Your First Mortgage and Home

Useful Information for Your First Mortgage

Life certainly isn’t as easy as it used to be for First Time Buyers. You’ve been squeezed by factors like the “baby boomer” generation, who’ve benefited from the huge rises in property prices over the past 30 years – and aren’t giving anything away… overpaid soulless bankers buying second homes in rural areas – which they are ruining by turning them into quiet, deadzones where ┬ánormal people can no longer go about their daily lives…

Plus there’s been a huge influx of dodgy billionaires who have pushed up prices… and a disgraceful decline in public housing building programmes over the past 15 years. (Recently it was revealed that the majority of council houses that were bought privately are now being rented out, often to tenants being funded by the councils at hugely inflated rents. Wonderful..)…

However it is still possible to get your own home – depending, of course on affordability – which comes down to where you want to buy.

The benefits to buying your own place are that you stop throwing away “dead” rent money and┬ácan now invest the same – or even less – into your own home.

Sounds like a good idea. BUT be careful. Don’t overextend yourself. The past 30 years has been marked by property recessions where people who paid more than they could afford lost out badly when property prices went down. At least with renting you know where you stand.


If you want to go ahead the following information is a quick and easy guide


First: let’s be clear on exactly what you’re getting into here.

A mortgage is usually thought of as a loan to buy a home.

Actually the home doesn’t become yours until you’ve paid the whole mortgage off.

If you fall behind on the loan your home could be repossessed. (But, then again, it’ll probably take them longer to kick you out than if you were renting privately anyway).


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