Rock-bottom mortgage rates slow repossessions – Financial Times

These lower mortgage rates are good for homeowners because this means their payments are lower. This means they can more easily afford them. Since people are able to pay houses aren’t being repossessed. This is good for anyone other than those looking to buy a cheap home which has been repossessed. Being able to stay […]

House prices will fall – but not much – The Week UK

This is predicting house prices going down but the difference isn’t going to be that big. If you are looking to buy a house you should watch for a time when the market is down so you get one for less. This would be a good time to buy. Even if it’s only down a […]

Camden property prices fell slightly, despite house price inflation nationally – Hampstead and Highgate Express

Despite the overall growth in property price in the UK, the Camden area of London is suffering a lowering of values. This could be due to the overall higher than average London housing values, a trend toward downsizing or even the recent BREXIT. One other major factor is the ability to make the down payment […]

First-time buyers ‘will drive property market’ – The Times (subscription)

An online version of a British newspaper has a feature on mortgages. The feature reports that an association of mortgage companies in the UK is confident that first time buyers will be a strong force in the real estate market. Mortgages given out for rental properties have abated since implementation of a new tax in […]

Typical house price up £12000 in a year, says ONS – BBC News

A major British news website has reported on a rise in home prices in the UK. The government’s statistics office stated that the average price of a home increased by 12,000 pounds from April of 2016 to April of 2017. The increase was 5.6%. Rent went up 1.8% in the same time frame. Housing prices […]

Quarter of £1m-plus homes being sold in secret – Financial Times

These homes in the UK are selling even though they cost over one million pounds. A lot of people can’t afford homes like this but obviously someone is buying them. This is going to be good for the economy. This is a lot of money to put into a home and will benefit the housing […]

The pros and cons of snapping up a buy-to-let property at auction –

Buying a property that has gone to auction has become a popular practice. This has resulted in many people not doing enough research or inspection on the property or surrounding area and therefore not getting the “bargain” they had hoped for. Some of the perks of buying at auction are that the process is quick, […]

Three practical considerations for purchasing a holiday home abroad – HiFX – The Financial Latest (blog)

There are three considerations one needs to take into account when purchasing a holiday home in a different country. One of the most interesting things about buying a home abroad is that there is a different set of steps. The mortgages are not the same everywhere. Things work differently in different places, so if you […]

First-time buyers rejoice – 95% mortgages are surging – Which?

A website that reports on financial matters has a feature on the rise of 95% loan to value (LTV) mortgages in the UK. These are loans in which the buyer has to deposit only 5% of the value of the home. LTVs were once popular, with 900 types available in 2007. A financial downturn reduced […]

Typical house price up £12000 in a year, says ONS – BBC News

Housing prices are on the rise in the U.K. Although there has been an expectation of a slowing market following brexit, many areas are seeing housing prices on the rise. It seems Scotland is among the highest in housing prices. Rental properties haven’t seen as much of a growth although there is a small uptick […]