Nearly half of UK adults plan to activate new data rights – Mortgage Introducer

Evidence of a shift in attitudes towards personal data emerged from the OnePoll study commissioned by analytics specialist SAS. It questioned 2,000 UK consumers between May 24 and 26 2017, and found that 48% planned to wield their new rights over personal data. A third (33%) said they would exercise the right to have their […]

Number of homes on the market falls to a new low with housing market ‘stifled’ by uncertainty, says Rics –

Homeowners and investors hunting for any indication that the housing market has bottomed out didn’t get it Tuesday, as the latest home sales data from a real estate trade group moved that sign further down the road to recovery. The National Association of Realtors said pending U.S. home sales fell in February to the lowest […]

Brexit, moving abroad and mortgage advice – FT Adviser

This discusses Brexit’s affect on someone’s moving abroad. Politics often affects the economy and this can include the housing market since it’s tied in with interest and other things. This gives advice for those who want to move. It’s good advice and helps you navigate the political climate with respect to getting a new place […]

This is what it costs to buy a home in Glasgow – iNews

Glasgo is in Scotland. If you’ve ever wanted to buy a home there this is good info. It talks about what it will cost you. You should plan before making a major financial decision like this so finding info which tells you the cost is important. If you don’t plan you might get in over […]

Here are the factors slowing down the UK’s ‘stagnant’ housing market – Business Insider

The housing market in the UK is stagnant right now. That means it isn’t getting better or worse. This isn’t the best news but it could be worse. This explains why the market is doing this. If you are interested in real estate or want to buy a house to live in this is good […]

Is UK housing at risk of another downturn? – IG

The question is how Brexit will affect the overseas mortgage business. Experts say that it could be several years before statistics show any trend in the market. The EMF reported that tax changes made in early 2016 make it difficult to tell how Brexit will affect the market. Although there was an immediate impact on […]

Selling your home this summer? THIS top tip will maximise the saleability of your property –

During the summer months the housing market can be slow but there are many ways to increase your chances of selling. Some of the ways include tidying up the exterior and using neutral decor. Of the most important, I would say that it is to tidy up the exterior. Generally speaking, a first impression of […]

Slowdown in house prices rise as number of new instructions falls – AOL UK

House prices are still going up in the United Kingdom but they are doing so at a slower rate. Many things affect this and it’s important to keep watch so you can get a good deal on a house. If the prices start falling again that would be an even better time to buy. Interest […]

Is paying off the mortgage a better bet than saving? – The Guardian

People constantly tell you to save. You should put money away for a rainy day. It’s hard to do but everyone says it’s best, and they are not wrong about it being a good idea. It may be better to pay off the mortgage sooner instead, though. That would be great for your credit for […]

UK homebuyers spent 100000 years waiting on mortgages in 2015 – Mortgage Introducer

Customers in the UK will typically wait a long time to have their mortgage application approved. In 2015 potential home buyers waited a combined 100,000 years having lenders determine if they will be provided a loan. In response, Dwell launched Mortgage Checks to help the buyer determine what product they are eligible for and what […]