Best fixed-rate mortgage rate drops below 0.99pc (again) –

The best rate for a fixed-rate mortgage drops below the one percent mark again. Santander offers a mortgage at 0.99% to buyers with a deposit of 40% and will fix the term for 18 months. There exists a lower rate, at 0.98%, but this is a tracker so will vary in line with Bank Rate. […]

House price slowdown: Cost of property rising more slowly than six months ago –

According to Halifax, house prices are now increasing at around half the yearly rate they were six months ago, with property values in September were up by 5.8% annually, compared with a 10% rate of annual price growth recorded in March, just six months earlier. Similarly, on a quarterly basis, house prices in the three […]

Number of first time buyers in UK rises as buy to let purchases fall – Property Wire

Government incentives, such as the help-to-buy ISA, have helped the number of first time buyers increase in the past year. During this same period the number of buy-to-let landlords has fallen. The Government still should push further policies to help first time buyers, such as increasing the number of affordable homes to be built. Number […]

Best buy-to-let mortgages: grab low rates while you can – AOL Money UK

Current buy-to-let mortgage rates are low so now is a good time to obtain one, especially since they are projected to head up soon. Landlords should use this article to find the best interest rates for different lengths of fixed rate mortgages, ranging from two to ten years. Tracker mortgages are briefly touched on and […]

Should you go for a ten-year fixed-rate mortgage, or would locking yourself in for a decade be bad for your … – The Sun

The number of available ten-year fixed-rate mortgages has increased from 8 to 120 in recent years, but tying your money away for such a long period has its risks. The main risk being that if you need to exit the deal during the term, there will be significant early repayments charges. The upside being that […]

Carney: ‘Not our job to fix consequences of low interest rates’ – The Week UK

The average value of UK homes has now increased to past the £300,000 mark. This is double what they were back in 2002, only 15 years ago. Unsurprisingly, London was one of the worst performing regions. This price growth makes it increasingly hard for first-time buyers to step onto the property ladder, however the Government […]

Mortgage broking pioneer receives £4.5m backing from top fintech investors – Business MattersBusiness Matters

Trussle, the UK’s first online mortgage broker has received a £4.5million backing from some of Europe’s top fintech investors. This funding has been led by Orange Growth Capital, and backers of peer to peer lending platform Zopa, and will be used to further develop Trussle’s products and brand of the industry-first service. Mortgage broking pioneer […]

Money for life: the hidden costs of buying a house –

The Telegraph’s Money for Life segment offers advice for readers on how they can manage their money. This piece features a video which highlights some of the hidden costs of buying a house. These include: Conveyancer and brokerage fees; mortgage and survey costs and charges for moving and redecorating. The piece argues that these should […]

My Home Move: 57% of remortgaging done to raise capital – Mortgage Strategy

According to My Home Move, English and Welsh homeowners remortgaged for around £15,000 more in 2016 than they did in 2014. two years ago, with 57% using it to raise capital. They also found that homeowners in the East Midlands borrowed almost double in 2016, whilst those in the East of England, home counties, North […]

Remortgage lending rises after lenders slash rates – What Mortgage

New research by My Home Move has found that Homeowners in England and Wales are borrowing more when they remortgage. They found that homeowners remortgaged for an average of £15,000 more in 2016 than they did in 2014, and that 57% of remortgage cases in 2016 were capital raising. They also found that those in […]