MS Wired : BTL Britain: ‘Finding the New Normal’ – On demand – Mortgage Strategy

Fewer houses are being repossessed which is a good thing for the economy and for the individual homeowners. This is happening in part because the rates are lower. This means payments are cheaper so people can make them in full and on time. If rates go up those who have an adjustable rate have a […]

Floored by the big buy-to-let profit sump: Experts advise on cost cuts as tax changes hit hard – This is Money

The United Kingdom is restructuring their taxation for landlords which will increase costs for them and in turn make mortgage financing more important and a crucial aspect of making deals. The taxation will be reflective of the size of the mortgage and the mortgage interest that is calculated. So it will be important for landlords […]

First-time buyers build up housing demand – The Times (subscription)

The average two-year fixed rate buy-to-let mortgage rate fell to 2.76 per cent in February – lower than the 2.82 per cent recorded in January. The latest figures from the Bank of England show February’s average is also the lowest rate seen in the past year – and the lowest rate since January 2012 when […]

No, We Can’t Turn Water Into Wine. But How About Seawater Into … – Civilized

There is a new way to obtain drinkable water thanks to a group of scientists that have created a filter with extremely small pores, made from graphene. This filter was used to desalinize, which means to remove salt, sea water which in turn converted this sea water into a water that can be used for […]

Mortgage rates static in 2017: Mortgage Brain – Mortgage Strategy

The rates for mortgages change a lot because of interest and other factors. Keeping track of that shows what’s going on each year. Right now they are static. This means they aren’t changing. If you are interested in getting a mortgage this info will help you. It could also help those who are looking to […]

Variable mortgage rates stagnate –

Variable mortgage rates have continuously seen a decrease in demand and popularity, despite record low interest rates. Along with this decrease in demand and popularity, a lack of competition also exists, as companies have seen no need to explore these mortgages, with such little demand. Mainly, this lack of interest and competition is due to […]

UK house prices: What the General Election means for the property market – City A.M.

Emma Haslett explains the implications that the election has for house prices as the process plays out. Haslett points out that experts believe there will be a sizeable dip in transactions as the election nears, which may cause some consumers in the market to be concerned. Haslett continues, noting that experts are not certain about […]

Property prices jump by almost 20% in parts of western Ireland – Belfast Telegraph

If you are looking to but a home, then Ireland may not be the place for you. The homes prices have skyrocketed and affording a home may be hard to come by. The news will be great for investors as they will see there property value jump and make a nice return on investment. As […]

Landlords purchasing homes for cash hit a record level with 60% of buy-to-lets bought mortgage-free – This is Money

A website that covers financial developments in the United Kingdom reports that last month, over sixty per cent of investment home purchases (known as buy to let) were effected by cash, with no loans. In 2007, this percentage was 41. A sidebar lists the percentages by region. The paper said this may be due to […]

General election could put already slowing housing market on pause – AOL UK

The general election could cause a decline in an already slow housing market this summer. Anyone looking to buy or sell homes at this time, choose to wait until the election is over in the wake of Brexit’s impact on the economy. As a result, the amount of properties for sale on the market is […]