UK mortgage approvals hit 12-month high in January – BBA – Reuters

New figures from the British Bankers Association show that banks approved the highest number of mortgages in a year last month, whilst credit card lending partly revived after a lull in December. The Association said its members gave the green light to 44,657 mortgages in January, up from 43,581 in December and the highest number […]

Getting house sellers to pay stamp duty instead of first-time buyers sounds good – but there’s a big catch – The Independent

Economist Andrew McPhillips recently suggested that chancellor Phillip Hammond should make sellers rather than buyers pay stamp duty. This raises the question, won’t sellers then increase their asking price comparatively? Ben Chu discusses similar scenarios (such as VAT, where businesses generally offset any potential loss by increasing prices) to see who ultimately ends up footing […]

New rents in UK up 2.6% in January – Mortgage Introducer

New rents in the UK rose by 2.6% in January. This was the highest January rise for two years. Rent prices continued to fall in London however, but grew in other areas of the country. The area with the highest year on year increase was Wales, which showed a growth of 8.8%. The highest rents […]

Here’s our guide to finding the best property buying and selling deals – Daily Mail

There are six factors to consider when investing in property in 2017. These are that: • Asking prices will be ‘soft’ — and open to negotiation: • London prices are set to fall: • We’re entering a prolonged period of stagnation • Most Londoners move to within commuting distance of the capital, so popular locations […]

How I got my dream home: 7 Step-by-step plan to help you own your dream home – The Standard (press release)

According to two female Kenyan homeowners, there are 7 steps to owning your own home. These are: 1. Working positively with what you have 2. Not hurrying- there are lots of houses to find 3. Take advantage of the drop in interest on loans 4. Save at least 5% of the value of your dream […]

Taking out a 10-year fixed rate mortgage could save you over £3500 – What Mortgage

Borrowers can shave thousands off their mortgages by taking advantage of low rates on long term fixed loans. Rates have nosedived over the last year resulting in a mortgage with a fixed rate for the first ten years being £3595 cheaper. Long term loans are cheaper now than two or three year loans were just […]

Bank branches, unemployment, mortgages and savings – (blog)

UK bank branches are rapidly disappearing from our streets, with more than 1000 having been closed over the last two years. Meanwhile, unemployment fell slightly, and Brits are paying more to travel overseas for a combination of reasons. In the mortgage market, fixed rate loans are increasing in cost by hundreds of pounds a year […]

Barclays offers to pay stamp duty with mortgage cashback – Daily Mail – Daily Mail

Buy a house and have your stamp duty paid for you by your lender. Barclays are offering up to £2,500 cashback with one of their mortgages, enough to cover the duty on a £250,000 house. But there are cheaper alternatives on the market than the Barclays offering of 2.69% fixed for five years, so buyers […]

‘This will change her life’: Family remortgage home to get daughter to America for surgery to help her walk – Scottish Daily Record

A family from Scotland have remortgaged their home in a bid to fund surgery in America to help their daughter walk. Holly McLeod, born with cerebral palsy, will now travel across the Atlantic for the life changing surgery after her parents did everything they could to fund and raise the money required. Key Takeaways: Family […]

First-time buyers ‘£860 a year better off’ than renters – Scottish Housing News

Bank of Scotland research has shown that first time buyers are £860 a year better off than people who rent in Scotland. Average monthly costs associated with buying a house are £522, which is £72 less than the £593 paid for renting the same property type. This is the biggest difference in the UK, standing […]