Ten subtle choices that instantly cheapen your home – Domain News

Design shows on TV have inspired valuable makeovers, but some changes can reduce a home’s value. Ill-fitting furniture and cheap art create a negative impression, as do poorly positioned curtain rods, poor lighting, undersized rugs and cheap, overstuffed sofas. Too many accessories and even mismatched clothes hangers can cheapen a space, but some imaginative customisations […]

Where are the youngest first-time buyers in the UK? – Telegraph.co.uk

The average age of first-time house buyers varies greatly across the UK. In London, people have become used to waiting until their thirties or later, but the youngest first-time buyers are in Carlisle, aged 27, according to Halifax. Nationally, the average age is 30, which is just two years higher than when records began in […]

House prices fall in months after Brexit – The Week UK

House prices dropped 0.5 per cent in three months following Brexit, according to the Halifax house price index. The average home price lowered by around £1,000 to £214,140, in contrast to growth seen in the first half of the year. The quarterly price drop was small compared with the 6 per cent record plunge suffered […]

House prices: First-time buyers in south-east must wait seven years longer to buy – The Week UK

A surge of new properties for rent may be responsible for a fall in house rental prices and what the Daily Telegraph has described as the market running out of steam. New rental prices averaged £910 a month in September, down 0.8 per cent from August, according to insurers HomeLet. A recent increase in stamp […]

Third of UK landlords have Brexit concerns – Mortgage Introducer

A third of UK landlords are concerned that Brexit will damage their ability to find future tenants, according to a National Landlords Association survey. Nearly two thirds believe Brexit will have no impact or are unsure, while just 5% believe it will have a positive effect. Responses varied regionally. Central London landlords were the most […]

Temptingly low two-year fixed mortgage rates may cost homeowners in the long run, broker warns – This is Money

Homeowners should be wary of cheap two-year fixed mortgage rates, according to one company of mortgage brokers. Changes to the economy caused by Brexit may make it preferable to lock in a good rate for longer. Even if interest rates stay low, economic instability may cause lenders to tighten restrictions on who may borrow money. […]

Cut stamp duty to revive housing market, says estate agency – The Guardian

The Government should cut stamp duty to reverse a sharp cooling of the housing market, according to estate agency Haart. September’s house prices were 1.1% lower than August, while stamp duty changes recently increased costs for the purchase of properties over £937,500, a change affecting landlords in particular. The lobby group Generation Rent welcomed the […]

Securing a mortgage is about to get harder – NEWS.com.au

In Australia, the level of debt compared to income has risen again, making it even harder to get a mortgage for first-time buyers. Banks are becoming increasingly reluctant to lend money partly due to growing household debt. Australians should be looking to what the UK has done to encourage lending. Securing a mortgage is about […]

How to remortgage your house – and find the best remortgage deal – goodtoknow

Remortgaging your house could reduce your monthly payments or release equity from your property, amongst other advantages. The process is similar to what you did when first taking out your mortgage. Look into the future, do your research, and make sure you make the best option so the benefits will be greater than the costs. […]