Ten subtle choices that instantly cheapen your home – Domain News

Design shows on TV have inspired valuable makeovers, but some changes can reduce a home’s value. Ill-fitting furniture and cheap art create a negative impression, as do poorly positioned curtain rods, poor lighting, undersized rugs and cheap, overstuffed sofas. Too many accessories and even mismatched clothes hangers can cheapen a space, but some imaginative customisations of stock items such as IKEA cabinets can put value back in. Most of these problems can be fixed inexpensively, but it’s worth looking at some recommendations from professional designers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Renovating for a profit looks easy enough on television but in real life, it’s a science that takes research and practice to perfect.
  • Interior design experts say a few subtle mistakes can instantly cheapen your room.
  • From generic hardware to dated bathroom accessories, it’s clear that small details count.

“top 10 subtle styling mistakes that instantly cheapen your home – and how to fix them”