Single first-time buyer spent SEVEN years saving £62k deposit for £278k four-bed house near Coventry – The Sun

Helen Frampton set a personal goal of buying her own home before she turned 30. Currently a 28-year-old chartered surveyor, Helen started saving money while she was at university. After graduating, she shared a rented place with a friend, but then she decided to move back in with her father. To save money, she cut personal spending. Helen’s plan was to buy a big enough house that she take in lodgers, and to put up a large deposit so as to reduce monthly mortgage payments. In January 2018, she fulfilled her dream, putting £62,000 down to purchase a £277,500 detached house in the Daventry countryside.

Key Takeaways:

  • Helen Frampton finally made herself a homeowner after several years of cutting costs, not going out on nights out, and living with her dad.
  • Helen made it her goal that she would buy herself a home before she became 30 years old so she started saving when she was in University.
  • Just after she graduated she was staying with a friend until the landlord decided to put the house for sale and then she moved in with her dad.

“The first-time buyer also cut back any unnecessary outgoings like cancelling her gym membership and switching to a sim-only contract.”

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