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The author states that Norfolk is a place one can easily fall in love with. Norfolk has lots of beaches that are dramatic and one example is vast Holkham which is popular with holiday makers. There are also many beautiful houses in the area. The author states they are uncountable and gives examples such as Houghton Hall and Sandringham. Norfolk is said to have a beholding majesty of its own according to Sir John Betjeman. Lucy Harley-McKeown was raised in Norfolk and later became a journalist. She states that Norfolk has a lot more to offer than the usual references to Alan Patridge and Delia Smith. Norfolk according to her, has great places one can grow up with which include the countryside and the coastlines that extend for thousands of miles. There is also the cultured city centre in Norfolk that has idiosyncratic shops. Another professional who has recently moved back to Norfolk county after staying in London for a long time states that Norfolk has a romantic charm that reminds one of the simple life and life as it was meant to be. One of the blessings of Norfolk is its accessibility. But the author states that it is also a curse. And people who come to Norfolk have chosen it for all the right reasons.

Key Takeaways:

  • Norfolk is easy to love with its romantic charm, dramatic beaches, and countless beautiful houses.
  • Famously, Norfolk does not have a motorway but the A11 makes traveling by car slightly easier.
  • It’s not overly populated as you can find a place to park or take a stroll through the sand dunes.

“If you’re looking to make the move, here’s our pick of the best places to live in Norfolk, and the sort of thing you can expect to find.”

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