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UK Home and Mortgage Insurance Guide

When you take out a mortgage, you’ll need various types of insurance. For example, to cover your monthly payments – in case you get ill – and home insurance- in case it burns down etc.

Remember to always get at least three quotes when buying a financial product. In other words don’t just rely on the quotes you get via here. Make comparisons and go for the best UK home insurance quote
Mortgage insurance is nearly as important as the mortgage itself. When you take out a UK mortgage you will need a variety of mortgage insurance policies.

For example, you need payment protection insurance to protect you if you are unable to pay your mortgage premiums, you need home insurance to pay the costs of repairing any damage to your property and so on. Please see the full Home Insurance Types List below for all the types of policies you need to consider when buying a home in the UK

Getting quotes for these types of insurance policies is easy.

In the UK it is common to get your mortgage insurance policy quotes from your mortgage provider, but you can often save money by getting a separate quote for your mortgage insurance policies and finding the best insurance policy for you and your mortgage. Remember to get several insurance quotes for your mortgage, so you can find the best prices – just as you need to find the best rate for the actual mortgage itself.