Brokers bemoan “lamentable” lender numbers in Help to Buy remortgage market

Over the years, people have found themselves almost feeling like prisoners to high mortgage rates with extensive contracts. Fortunately, many big lenders are now reconsidering how they treat younger applicants so that they do not get caught in these lending webs for long time periods. Nationwide, for example, has now increased its maximum LTV from […]

House prices edge back upwards in May: Halifax

Markit Group Limited’s Halifax Index shows the UK housing market has been depressed for much of the year, with only a tiny .2% price increase to show above and beyond the last quarter. The average UK house is now going for a market price of about 224,400. Looking for the most positive spin possible, one […]

How To Take Advantage Of Manchester’s Property Price Boom

In a three year interval, between July 2014 and July 2017, UK property values took a decided leap for the positive. However, although there was a 30% increase in home values in the UK for that specific period, what’s perhaps even more intriguing is that Manchester properties in specific beat the national average by nearly […]

Sellers discounting asking prices in southern cities, says Hometrack

Home sales have slowed and housing price inflation in the southern regions of England has also slowed. Discounts of 5% are are common now across South England with discounts of up to 9.6% in the city of Aberdeen. Larger city prices and inflation in the north have held stronger but are showing signs of slowing. […]

UK Economy Risks Being Dragged Down by Shoppers’ Brexit Worry

I think speculation about mortgage rates creates high volatility in the mortgage market, but despite rumors that interest rates would increase, new home purchases and mortgages only marginally declined. Despite high credit worthiness standards, the home buying and mortgage market seems to be steady and solid. It is cause for concern that lending standards are […]

UK house prices slip as market loses momentum

There is no sun on the horizon for Britain’s housing market. Prices fell for the third time and the recent upturn is at a slow, turtle-paced crawl. The Bank of England’s announced raise in interest rates isn’t going to help matters. This poor outlook for the real estate market is good news, however, for the […]

Mortgage approvals hold steady in April: Bank of England

Mortgage lending criteria has a massive influence on the number of people obtaining first time mortgages, or attempting to refinance an existing mortgage. Having high credit requirements is a necessity to prevent defaults, but it also prevents too many people from purchasing a home using a mortgage. It is better for individuals to own their […]

First-time buyer mortgage rates fall

If you are buying a home for a first time, there is good news: fixed rates have fallen in the past two years. Providers have also begun offering incentives to lure customers into the housing market, but you should heed some advice. Research the area you want to live, know the deal you want to […]

Gross Mortgage Lending Up Annually in April

Mortgage loans and approvals hit a slough in the UK in March et seem to be recouping steadily and well in April. Mortgage loans took an uptick of more than 13%. The pendulum for gross mortgage loan swung upwards, past the 20 billion pound mark. Remortgages, interestingly, had a lot to do with those new […]

UK housing market: ‘A weird situation’

This is an explanation of the current housing market in the United Kingdom. The author looks at the overall situation in the country and then compares and contrasts different regions. The article primarily uses different financial indices to illustrate the current housing market. The regions included are Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the English counties. […]