Weak competition and sins of the past make our mortgages eurozone’s most expensive

There are a lot of reasons as to why mortgages are so expensive in certain areas of the world. For some, banks want to limit the amount of risk that they have when they give out money. For them, they know that there are not as many lenders out there who will give out the […]

Will Brexit really lead to a house price crash?

The housing market in England and the UK has been out of this world. For the past couple of years the already incredibly high priced market has been on a tear. In big cities like London and Brighton, the properties have become so unbelievably expensive that normal people can only dream of affording them. This […]

Millennial money myths: why giving up coffee won’t get you on the property ladder

The fact of the matter is that many people do studies that indicate that young people are spending far too much money on things like coffee and TV subscriptions. Young people do not realize how this money can work for them in other ways and as a result, they are finding it harder and harder […]

Cover story: The rise of virtual brokerages in real estate

There are so many things that are going more digital as time goes on. The world of technology looks to be completely revamping the world that we live in and no sector is remaining untouched. With that being said, everyone has always seemed to think that real estate transactions must take place in person. When […]

Why September is the best time of year to buy a house and haggle a better deal

September is that time of the year where people start to get impatient. Studies have shown that people are more likely to sell in September for a multitude of reasons. The year goes by quick and without the home selling, the seller begins to worry about how much longer it can drag out. By selling […]

What would an interest rate rise mean for your mortgages, loans and investments?

Taking out any loan is a big decision. Now, taking out a mortgage is a decision that many people consider to be in the biggest ones in their lifetime. Taking out a mortgage is stressful because it is something that has to be paid back over the course of thirty years. That is a long […]

UK house prices fall for first time in seven months, with London hit harder than other areas

According to recent data from Rightmove, asking prices in the London real estate market fell 0.5 percent for homes in London, well above the nation’s average drop of 0.1 percent during the same period. Even the smaller UK-wide decrease, the first in seven months, may herald a falling market. These kinds of decreases can be […]

The Ipswich opens up remortgaging options for Help to Buy borrowers

The Help-to-Buy loan program is a five year old government program that provides financing to homebuyers who have adequate income to make loan payments but who don’t have enough money on hand for a mortgage deposit. Although many mortgage lenders consider these government loans to be debt and the payments made on them to be […]

Swimming Pools, Slides and Bowling Alleys Top Children’s Property Wishlist, Survey Reveals

Share To Buy polled a thousand six-to-ten year old children about what they would want to have in their future homes, and swimming pools came out with a commanding lead. Runner-up fantasy home features included a slide to go back to the bottom of the property from the top, as well as an array of […]

Signs of London recovery but could Carney’s comments put the BRAKES on UK property market?

There are a bunch of reasons as to why the property market in London is all over the place. London is one of the most desirable places for people to live in this world. Between London and New York, this is where many billionaires have residences and it is for good reason. However, the prices […]