18 things that will hurt your house price

With a valuable asset like your home, protecting the value is an important investment. The author of this article brings to light a number a critical aspects relevant to preserving the value of your house. Delving into details about your furniture, the street you live on, your neighbors, the upkeep of the structure, and some […]

Barclays launches new ‘green’ mortgages – but do they offer the best rate?

“Green mortgage ” has been recently introduced by Barclay’s . Under this , they offer cheaper rates for home buyers , who buys energy efficient new homes built recently .This offer is available first-time buyers and home movers, and special products are available for those using the Help to Buy scheme. The amount of savings […]

What you need to know if you are thinking of buying a second home

The April 2016 introduction of the UK stamp duty surcharge, has put a bit of a damper on the attractiveness of buying additional property as an investment for some. However, for others it can still be a viable investment option. Before one makes the investment it is critical to understand what your investment planning requirements […]

Mortgage lending up by a third at Bank of Ireland

The Bank of Ireland reported that 2018 mortgage lending so far was up by a full third over 2017. New mortgages were up by 20 percent. The bank says that its mortgage assets are improving as they would like, in spite of the Brexit. The interest income and margin are what they predicted. The bank […]

Best February for House Purchases Recorded in a Decade

First time home buyers and home movers in the UK made for a busy housing market this February, with the highest level of purchases for that time period in over a decade. Re-mortgages are also on the rise, with current homeowners anticipating mortgage interest rates rising. In contrast, due to recent legislation and tax changes, […]

10 improvements which could boost the value of your home

Improving your home can greatly increase it’s value, and it’s something many homeowners strive to do. Here are 10 ways UK homeowners are improving their homes: 1. Basic upgrades and changing decoration 2. Improving the kitchen 3. Making the bathroom look or function better 4. Working on the garden, or adding one 5. Replacing windows, […]

Realtor Q&A: How much do school zones impact buyer preferences?

School districts do drive the market. Through an informal panel of Realtors in Northern Virginia, they all agree that they make the difference. People do their research for housing in those districts are willing to make sacrifices on size and cost to get the school they want. One even noticed a $50,000 swing in cost […]

Berlin tops the world as city with the fastest rising property prices

Prices has gotten higher in some of the largest cities in the world, but Berlin is growing the most, with a 20.5% percent rise in 2017. The average price has actually jumped almost 120% since 2004. This rise is hitting other markets including Vancouver, who recently implemented a 15% foreign investor tax just to curb […]

Mortgage rates begin to increase as base rate rise looms

Market projections have mortgage rates rising steadily. In recent years, the market has been great for borrowers and leaned in their favor this is starting to change. The increase seen in the average two year fixed-rate has basically cancelled out any reductions in rate that have been seen over the past nineteenth months. Borrowers are […]

Purplebricks wants agents to be forced to publish commission rates

This article discusses the commission rate of realtors. It begins to discuss how it should be more difficult to become one that way it’s less stress for potential home owners. It then also discusses that if there is two neighbors that have the same agent in the same neighborhood,that the commission r rate and the […]