House prices across England fall for first time since 2012 – The Independent

The average house price across England has fallen for the first year since 2012. This is due to a decline in home prices in London and the south east. Home prices rose in many other regions of the country. This result is not a total surprise. After a long run of increasing home prices, the […]

Buying a house requires careful consideration but timing things to get that ‘just right’ moment is fairly rar – The Irish Sun

Everyone wants to buy a house at the bottom of the market, but it is impossible to know when is the best time to buy a house. Instead of comparing your status to the market, focus on you. The best time to buy a house is when it is the best time for you financially […]

Why are high net-worth individuals turned away for mortgages? – Mortgage Finance Gazette Online

Although people with a high net worth think that being approved for a mortgage will be an easy task, it is actually very common for people to be turned away. One of the largest reasons for being turned down is that some high net worth individuals have irregular income. This makes it harder to qualify […]

Mortgage rates slashed for buyers with 5% deposits, as lender price war intensifies – The Independent

Mortgage rates are falling as lenders fight for first time home buyers. This is particularly demonstrated by the falling rates for buyers with small down payments. The difference in rate between a ten percent down mortgage and a five percent down mortgage is now at a historic low. This is because first time home buyers […]

First house price fall in England since 2012 – BBC News

The average home price in England is down in the first quarter of 2019 as compared to a year ago. This is the first year with an annual home price decrease since 2012. The home price fall was concentrated in London and in areas on the south east side of England. Areas in the rest […]

Number of mortgage approvals made to home buyers ‘rises higher year-on-year’ – AOL Travel UK

Nearly 30,000 mortgage approvals were made in January 2019, an increase of 1.5% versus a year ago. In the same time frame, re-mortgaging approvals declined by 3.1%. Other statistics show that borrowing from both credit cards and personal loans and overdrafts were up by over 4% from January 2018 to January 2019. Meanwhile, personal deposits […]

Finally! Mortgages that reward loyalty: Renewal customers offered ‘under the counter’ deals – This is Money

Mortgage lenders are starting to offer existing customers preferential rates and lower fees in order to stop them from switching to another lender. Mortgage lenders, just like companies in many other sectors, have long inflicted a “loyalty penalty” on long-time customers. This often took the form of switching them to standard variable rate mortgages when […]

Average first-time buyer deposits revealed – What Mortgage

Mortgage lender Halifax’s new data indicates that the average first-time British homebuyer is putting down a fifteen percent deposit. This is closer to the average deposit of fourteen percent noted in 2008 than to the higher deposit rates — as much as twenty percent — that occurred in 2009 following the elimination of mortgages without […]

Cashback vs cheap mortgage rate: which is best? – Which? News – Which?

Mortgage lenders are dangling the prospect of up to £1,500 cash back before the noses of cash-strapped first-time borrowers. In February 2019, there were 2,924 mortgage deals available to first-time UK home buyers, with 827 of those (28 percent) offering cash back incentives of some sort. This is a notable increase from February 2018, when […]

UK house prices:affordability for home buyers is improving at the fastest rate in eight years – Homes and Property

Housing affordability within the United Kingdom has not always been recognized as increasing at a steady pace, but this year is entirely different. In 2019, housing affordability for home buyers will be increasing at its fastest rate in approximately eight years. This would typically set the stage for an awesome market during the spring, but […]