I’m living a cash-only life in a tap-and-go world | Brigid Delaney’s diary

Electronic payments have taken the world by storm, but they have the great drawback of making impulse purchases psychologically and literally faster and easier. Guardian columnist Brigid Delaney recently tried the experiment of using cash whenever possible, and found it made her think more carefully about purchases. She found that the act of having to […]

Could banking with Facebook and Google become the future

A recent Mulesoft survey of 8000 people found that about half of young people would at least be open to the idea of doing their banking with companies like Facebook. It is not a leap of imagination to contemplate tech giants using their currently-existing user bases and infrastructure to branch into banking, especially when one […]

It’s not only Londoners who rely on buses and trains | Lynsey Hanley

Since the deregulation of buses occurred back in the year 1986, London has actually seen a decrease of public transportation usage down to a third of what it used to be. Although public transport still remains the number one method of travel among London residents, its popularity is steadily declining due to the increase of […]

Why am I under pressure to buy my new-build home despite legal snags?

BC from Kent has had multiple problems with builder Charles Church and its parent company, Persimmon, in the course of trying to buy a house in East Sussex. In addition to previously barring BC’s snagging surveyors from the property, BC’s solicitors discovered that Charles Church had a previously undisclosed overage (aka a clawback) on the […]

Why rental fraud is on the rise

With the incorporation of so much technology within our lives, it is much easier for fraudulent schemes to be played out by those who are preying on landlords and property owners. Most scammers tend to frequent local classified sites for the simple fact that these websites typically do not require full background checks in order […]

Why you too will be working two jobs by 2030 (and probably loving it)

More than a quarter of Britons are working £72 billion in side hustles to make some extra cash. The average side hustler is making about 20 percent more money, but many work more than 50 hours a week. Surveys suggest business leaders are ambivalent about all these side hustles, although some feel that they make […]

Financial alienation: The cost of not understanding

A survey by online mortgage broker Hanito revealed that half of adults believe they have overpaid for something because they misunderstood the complicated jargon in an agreement, while a quarter admit to signing onto an agreement without really understanding it. The same study indicated that up to 58 percent of people have put off refinancing […]

Why locking yourself into a mortgage for a decade could save you thousands

Trends come and go, and that includes fiscal trends. Right now, ten year, fixed-rate mortgages are getting a possible moment in the U.K., as more and more major banks launch the option. Is one right for you? Of course, fixed rate mortgages that go on for ten-to-thirty years are par for the course in the […]

London house prices to fall until 2020, says PwC

London home values have already been through the wringer. Nonetheless, auditing and consulting firm, PwC, is going on record with predictive analysis that the London house market will dip two percent in this year alone, and continue the negative trend for another year. CEO of the residential research company, Knight Frank, Tom Bill, explained the […]

One third of single Brits think they need to couple up to buy a property, survey finds

Property prices in the UK have recently skyrocketed, and it causes many citizens to find themselves with a bleak outlook about ever owning a home. Only 10% of UK residents claim that they have the ability to buy a home in the future. Only 18% of single residents claim that they would be able to […]