Why banks are wooing first-time buyers again

First-time homebuyers have always had it tough: with their generally-lower levels of income and savings compared to older, more experienced buyers, as well as less-established credit histories, banks have generally passed over them for more seemingly trustworthy borrowers. In recent years, this has specifically included a glut of investment borrowers who buy properties to let. […]

Cost of renting nearly £1k a year more expensive than owning a home

Generally speaking, the conventional wisdom is that renting is cheaper than buying a home, which is why so many young people starting out elect to rent. However, new data from Halifax in fact shows that renting can be up to roughly £1,000 per year more expensive than purchasing. This is due to the presence of […]

First-time buyer mortgage rates still falling

Given that base rates for banks have started to climb again from their record low post-recession levels, one would think that mortgage rates, especially for first-time home buyers, would have begun to trend similarly upwards. However, recent data suggests that not to be the case. The newest data released recently shows that first-time homebuyer mortgage […]

Growth in remortgage activity following base rate rise

As interest rates from lenders are starting to creep back up, U.K. banks have seen a recent flurry of remortgage activity as a result. Over 8.1 million U.K households have variable-rate mortgages, meaning that they will directly feel the result of any increases in base rates, which would be passed through to their mortgages. As […]

Bermuda conman bought Glasgow property using £1.8m of stolen Caribbean cash

A con artist out of Bermuda has been caught living the high life using stolen funds, the Daily Record recently reported. Jeffrey Bevan was, by day, an accountant earning a modest 80,000 Pounds per year. But on the side he was living as a high roller, through a scam that he was running from Bermuda. […]

Taking an interest: When will UK interest rates rise? How much will they go up by? What does it mean for my mortgage?

One upside of the global financial crisis and ensuing recession was the persistence of low interest rates, which encouraged homebuying and made mortgages extremely affordable. Now, with economies on the boom globally, central banks are considering interest rate hikes, which will translate into increases in mortgage rates as well. As such, homeowners with variable-rate mortgages […]

Why banks are wooing first-time buyers again

For years, banks in the UK have been accused of not catering to young, first-time homebuyers. Indeed, this segment of the population has historically had difficulty securing the funds needed in order to make the jump to homeownership, therefore driving them to be dubbed “generation rent”. However, as of late, banks have started to put […]

Buying home is £31000 cheaper than renting one in Scotland

for those looking to buy a now is the time to do so in Scotland. according to the scotsmans national news paper the cost of owning is now a lot cheaper compared to owning by 31,000 pounds over the coarse of a mortgage that is an astonishing deal if you tell me. the cost of […]

First-time buyers ‘at 11-year high’

The global recession of 2008 was born out of the housing markets, and it is those markets that have persistently remaining hard-hit and sluggish even almost a decade on from the recession. However, according the UK sources, there is promising news coming out that country on the housing front. According to UK Finance, the number […]

Why house prices in this Cambridge postcode have more than doubled in a year

Prices of homes in many Cambridge postcodes skyrocketed in 2017. In total, 77 postcodes across Cambridgeshire saw increases. Postcode CB11 experienced the greatest jump, where the average house price increased by 156%. This was partly because the expansion of the Audley End train station increased the number of commuters from London. Other areas of Cambridge […]