Considering a 10-year mortgage fix? Here are the pros and cons

Taking out a mortgage is a massive decision for anyone. No matter how old or young you are, taking out a mortgage is a lot of hard work and due diligence. Therefore, one must always be sure that they are making a good decision when considering a mortgage because the loan is going to be […]

Building in the face of uncertainty:the London boroughs defying Brexit with thousands of new homes

The idea of Brexit is scaring a lot of people in the United Kingdom. It is a time of uncertainty for a multitude of reasons. There are thousands of homes that are popping up even though there is economic uncertainty that is surrounding the country. Though these homes are popping up, people do not understand […]

Brexit To Burst Housing Bubble?

The English housing market has been on an absolute tear. The prices in the country have been risen exponentially over the past couple of years and it does not seem as if it is going to slow down any time soon. With that being said, there is a huge shadow of Brexit that looms over […]

Bills to rise £400 for millions on Thursday – how to prepare now

Bills just seem to continue to rise and rise. No matter where you are in the world, taxes and certain dues are unavoidable. It is better to prepare for changes within the system now then be surprised when the bill actually does rise. This helps with budgeting and with people falling into financial traps where […]

5 Secrets to Selling Your Home During the Slow Season

The real estate market is currently booming, but that doesn’t mean that it will maintain this pace forever. During these slower months, it is important to make use of various tips from real estate experts so that your property is as appealing as possible to potential buyers. One way to do this is by decorating […]

3 Stocks I’d Hate to Buy

Buying stocks are very much about luck but it is also due to research. There are many people who get rich over time because they are able to research stocks and figure out what it is that they like about a company. There are plenty of indicators in which one can figure out whether or […]

20 of the best places to live for first-time homebuyers

Some of the best places to live if you are a first time home buyer are not the most well known places known to man. However, that should not and does not matter! You need to be in a place where you feel comfortable and where you are not stretched out too much in terms […]

UK house prices record biggest fall

The housing market in the United Kingdom has been on an absolute tear. If someone had bought a home in 2010, or around that area, they are extremely happy at the moment. This is because their house has gone up a ton in value and they did not have to do much. However, times are […]

How are property investments financed in the UK?

When you are looking to finance property in the United Kingdom, it is run a little bit differently than in other places. In the United States, most lenders want to see a 20% down payment made before they give out any loans for a home. The fact of the matter is that these properties are […]

First-time buyers need a £53k salary to afford a home in UK’s biggest cities

To afford a home to buy, you need to have a certain level of money up front. Loans are not given to people who cannot afford to pay a mortgage or a loan back. Lenders, or banks, simply do not give out loans because they feel bad for people and want to help them out. […]