Buying An Investment Property Before The First Home –

In my city, buying a home seems like a pipe dream. A one-bedroom apartment costs more than I make in one paycheck. However, for those who are in a good space, The Oofy has compiled an interesting spread on potentially buying an investment property prior to purchasing your own first home. This move can help […]

Where to move in Norfolk: Best places, insiders’ tips and what you’ll get for your money – Country Life

The author states that Norfolk is a place one can easily fall in love with. Norfolk has lots of beaches that are dramatic and one example is vast Holkham which is popular with holiday makers. There are also many beautiful houses in the area. The author states they are uncountable and gives examples such as […]

Mortgage rates halve since financial crisis – Mortgages – News –

Latest research from Moneyfacts has shown that ten years after the last financial crisis, the average mortgage rates have decreased by half. Also because of the competition in the market that is increasing, many more people have the opportunity to get a mortgage and get a leg on the housing ladder. This data has been […]

40-year mortgages help buyers beat stricter affordabi… – Estate Agent Today

It is estimated that more than fifty percent of the mortgages that are available to home buyers in the UK now have more than forty years term limit. But that was not always the case in the past. It used to be a third of mortgages about five years ago. The standard mortgage terms, according […]

Top tips to help you buy a house for your children – Property Reporter

As young adults enter the housing market with limited funds, parents and grandparents are often footing the bill. When this happens, the would-be property owner isn’t incurring financial strain and isn’t considering the additional costs. There are several ways to help both parties out. Researching and understanding the location is crucial. Before agreeing to buy, […]

Mortgage rates: What is a buy-to-let mortgage and how does it work? – Express

Buying a house usually means having to apply for a mortgage, which can incredibly intimidating for many people. There are so many different types, so it is important to understand which one is the best for your current situation. A buy-to-let mortgage is typically good for a property that an owner wants to rent out. […]

Mortgage affordability: How does your region fare? – What Mortgage

The affordability of mortgages in the UK varies widely by region. Across the UK as a whole, mortgage holders pay just under 30% of disposable earnings on mortgage repayments. In London, however, this number is just under 50%. Scotland and Northern Ireland feature the most affordable mortgages, with homebuyers paying under 20% of average earnings […]

The secret mortgage deals that banks won’t advertise but are offering to loyal customers – The Sun

Many Britons are told that loyalty doesn’t pay but mortgage lenders are now offering deals to their loyal customers that shows that it pays. These deals, termed product transfers, are usually not advertised so new customers do not get to learn of them. There is now pressure for these deals because according to research figures, […]

Housing Watch: Make it easier for people to move – Mortgage Strategy

Despite Brexit anxiety in the UK, the UK Finance company has revealed that first time home buyers hit their highest number in 12 years in 2018. Despite this positive news, the market is still stagnant in other areas due to Brexit uncertainty. One indicator of this is the huge increase in remortgage figures that saw […]

Single first-time buyer spent SEVEN years saving £62k deposit for £278k four-bed house near Coventry – The Sun

Helen Frampton set a personal goal of buying her own home before she turned 30. Currently a 28-year-old chartered surveyor, Helen started saving money while she was at university. After graduating, she shared a rented place with a friend, but then she decided to move back in with her father. To save money, she cut […]