‘Dysfunctional’ mortgage rules stopping people from buying homes – The Irish Times

A property developer is complaining that the current mortgage rules are preventing people who can afford a mortgage from qualifying. The Central Bank limits people to borrowing only 3.5 times their income in Ireland where the rest of the UK has the limit of 4 times their income. The average price of a home has […]

Mortgages for Business: Residential Mortgage Advice – April 2019 – What Mortgage

A reader wrote into What Mortgage asking about how to proceed with an amicable divorce with his wife of ten years, a stay-at-home mother. The reader wants to sell the family home, split the proceeds and ensure that he can buy two residences — one for his ex-wife and children and one for himself. What […]

How to remortgage:homeowners can save £4,500 per year by switching from a Standard Variable Rate mortgage – Homes and Property

Mortgage apathy is costing homeowners up to $4500 per year. Homeowners have a Standard Variable Rate mortgage which comes after a fixed term special ends. These mortgages can be expensive, and switching would put more money in the homeowner’s pocket. Switching away is not as difficult as it sounds. A homeowner just needs to call […]

Get more space for your money: how London home buyers can save thousands by moving to a home counties postcode nearby – Homes and Property

Two commuter hotspots, Northwood and Rickmansworth, are just three miles apart on the Metropolitan tube line and they have thriving high streets and good schools but yet the prices of homes in both areas are far different. Homes in Rickmansworth are 57 percent cheaper than homes in Northwood in north-west London. It is estimated that […]

How you can buy property with NO deposit – new mortgage offers UK buyers 100 per cent – Express

Currently, a new mortgage product has hit the market that will help people purchase property with no deposit. This mortgage product is helpful because it saves people from the burden of having to save for their first home. Like traditional mortgages, they lend money to people which they promise to pay back in order for […]

Mortgage lenders rewarding loyalty – BuyAssociation

A relatively new trend in the U.K. mortgage lending industry is that lenders are actively trying to retain their existing customers by offering them lower rates and attractive incentives. One popular move by lenders is to not lock home loan customers into fixed rate deals that force them into transitioning to the standard variable rate […]

Things to consider before applying for a buy-to-let mortgage – What Mortgage

Obtaining a buy-to-let mortgage is made easier by following a few different steps. First, ensure the property you want this type of mortgage for is not actually listed for sale. If it is for sale, you run the risk of having an unsuccessful application. Second, know whether or not your property meets the basic energy […]

New tool that could knock THOUSANDS of pounds off your mortgage bill – The Sun

ClearScore, a credit checking app, is now offering a great new remortgaging tool that will allow users to find remortgage deals in just fifteen seconds, with potentially massive savings. The standard process for shopping for mortgage refinance products involves a daunting amount of paperwork, which is perhaps why 25 percent of homeowners don’t refinance before […]

House prices across England fall for first time since 2012 – The Independent

The average house price across England has fallen for the first year since 2012. This is due to a decline in home prices in London and the south east. Home prices rose in many other regions of the country. This result is not a total surprise. After a long run of increasing home prices, the […]

Buying a house requires careful consideration but timing things to get that ‘just right’ moment is fairly rar – The Irish Sun

Everyone wants to buy a house at the bottom of the market, but it is impossible to know when is the best time to buy a house. Instead of comparing your status to the market, focus on you. The best time to buy a house is when it is the best time for you financially […]