New tool that could knock THOUSANDS of pounds off your mortgage bill – The Sun

ClearScore, a credit checking app, is now offering a great new remortgaging tool that will allow users to find remortgage deals in just fifteen seconds, with potentially massive savings. The standard process for shopping for mortgage refinance products involves a daunting amount of paperwork, which is perhaps why 25 percent of homeowners don’t refinance before the end of their deal — a decision that can cost hundreds of pounds a month. The new ClearScore function, powered by Koodoo, automatically pulls a lot of the necessary day from your credit report, making the process quicker and simpler.

Key Takeaways:

  • As the process currently stands, British homeowners have a somewhat involved process to undergo to achieve a remortgage opportunity.
  • Paperwork requirements include information that details a remortgage-seeker’s current home value, the total mortgage amount yet to be paid off and current monthly payments.
  • Even with the data at hand many remortgage seekers find comparing market deals baffling.

“The new remortgaging function in the app by credit checking service ClearScore is said to allow users to compare offers in just 15 seconds by helping you add the required information.”

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