Get more space for your money: how London home buyers can save thousands by moving to a home counties postcode nearby – Homes and Property

Two commuter hotspots, Northwood and Rickmansworth, are just three miles apart on the Metropolitan tube line and they have thriving high streets and good schools but yet the prices of homes in both areas are far different. Homes in Rickmansworth are 57 percent cheaper than homes in Northwood in north-west London. It is estimated that a great discount on homes will be achieved by moving from the Greater London boundary to home counties close to it. This has been estimated to be more than 150 thousand pounds. In a recent survey that sought to find out the prices of houses along the line in the London area, they found that the greatest falls in house prices could be achieved by moving from Upminster in London to Basildon in Essex. This is because of the factors that influence house prices are different in these areas. Some of the factors are speed of railway services into the capital, the number of good local schools, and the snob factor. Some house prices and recommendations for best buys are given in the blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although two towns, Northwood and Rickmansworth, are just three miles apart when one is taking the Metropolitan tube line, homes on Rickmansworth are far cheaper than those in Northwood.
  • There are several places to look for house price savings and it is noted that house prices falls 44.6 percent Upminster to Basildon in Essex.
  • Some of the factors that influence the prices of houses are the speed of railway lines, the quality of schools in the area and also the snob factor.

“A new study has analysed pairs of towns around the London clockface to find the biggest bargains for home buyers, achievable just by moving across the line.”

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