Morgan Stanley expects higher UK house prices to boost Lloyds – Proactive Investors UK

A website for investors has published an article about the British real estate market. The article notes that a major investment firm has predicted that prices for real estate in the UK will continue to rise, despite concerns about Brexit. The company believes that a major UK bank will benefit from this rise in home prices. It notes that the bank has 22% of the mortgages in the UK. A color photo of real estate signs is included.

Key Takeaways:

  • With its 22 percent foothold on the UK mortgage market, Lloyd’s Banking Group commands the lion’s share of that market.
  • Nationwide and Halifax are in agreement as to their view that housing prices are likely to flatten out after their span of strong growth.
  • Nonetheless, one top US financial company predicts that Lloyds will be in advantageous position to benefit from the continued rise of housing prices in the UK.

“Morgan Stanley is a little more upbeat on the situation and is forecasting property values to continue their ascent, while it also sees a decent future for the UK economy as a whole.”

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