3 Stocks I’d Hate to Buy

Buying stocks are very much about luck but it is also due to research. There are many people who get rich over time because they are able to research stocks and figure out what it is that they like about a company. There are plenty of indicators in which one can figure out whether or not to invest in a stock. In this article, they talk about how Facebook, JC Penney, and Qudian are not good stocks to buy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook’s strategy depends on strong, sustained growth, but new members sense to be coming in more slowly, and recent new projects or features have been a mixed bag at best.
  • JC Penney has struggled to adapt to new trends and technologies, and its oversized population of local stores costs too much.
  • Chinese payday lender Qudian’s stock value has imploded in the wake of a crackdown from Beijing, and it shows no sign of imminent recovery.

“It is investing a lot of money in the service, causing it to forecast lower revenue growth, but it’s not getting much payoff — all the while coming under greater scrutiny from politicians here at home and from regulators abroad.”

Read more: https://www.fool.com/investing/2018/08/28/stocks-id-hate-to-buy.aspx

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