The Full Structural Survey

This is a much more detailed study of the property than the basic survey.

It should pick up any serious problems with the building and even if it doesn’t, if any emerge after you’ve bought the house, you should have more than enough to build a detailed case against the surveyor. This means you’d be covered to repair them – probably by the surveyor’s insurance.

A good reason to have this type of survey would be if you’re buying an older property eg Victorian or Edwardian era or a distinctive home. Eg an old cottage would want more of a detailed check than a modern flat.

A full structural survey can cost more than three times as much as a basic survey eg £800 upwards – though shop around as costs will vary.

Asking the mortgage lenders’ valuers to quote for doing the extra Basic or Full Structural Survey could be cheaper than arranging it independently.

You will end up with a detailed report which you may even find amusing and interesting to read as it may go into the history of your future home. In any event, despite their serious style, they often make for amusing reading.

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