Cover story: The rise of virtual brokerages in real estate

There are so many things that are going more digital as time goes on. The world of technology looks to be completely revamping the world that we live in and no sector is remaining untouched. With that being said, everyone has always seemed to think that real estate transactions must take place in person. When it is such a large transaction, in person is just deemed to be better. However, the rise of virtual brokerages means that might not be the case.

Key Takeaways:

  • Technological development has affected every aspect of doing business. Smartphones come with a lot of tools that make this possible.
  • Brokerages have reaped some benefits of using technology which include reducing errors, minimizing risks and eliminating wasted efforts.
  • Brokerages can get high-end value from technology tools that can be gotten from established brick-and-mortar real estate companies.

“Tech-oriented brokerages are doing everything they can to put the right tools in the hands of their agents so that they can give their clients the full, efficient service those homebuyers expect.”

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