East Midlands property price increase second highest in the UK – West Bridgford Wire

With the average property price around £182,166, East Midlands has ranked number two in the UK House Price Index for price increases in the month if June. As a whole, the East of England has seen a 7.2% increase in property prices in the last year. The North if England, while experiencing a price growth, was significantly lower at 2.5%, while London prices dropped. A pictograph showing trends throughout the country’s regions is provided in the article.

Key Takeaways:

  • The average annual price of housing has increased all over England in the past year.
  • The annual increase has been greatest in East England, especially in one area (East Midlands)
  • London is the only area where average housing prices have fallen within the past year.

“The UK House Price Index (HPI) June figures released today (August 15) show the East Midlands has the second highest average property price increase in the UK. The average property price was £182,166.”

Read more: https://westbridgfordwire.com/east-midlands-property-price-increase-second-highest-uk/

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