From town to country:savvy first-time buyers are turning to the Home Counties for bigger properties with green spaces

The real estate market is changing. These days, couples are becoming first time home owners at 30. This means a requirement for a home with enough bedrooms for children, grandparents, and a backyard. It must be in a safe area. For many, this means leaving London.

Reading is a popular area for first time home owners to move to. On top of the homes meeting their requirements, it also has the Thames River and Chilltern Hills- an incredibly beautiful landscape. New home owners were half of the buyers last year.
Bellway Littlebrook and Shinefield village are communities within Reading to consider.

Bedford is another great option for first time buyers, especially those who love nature. They have a kite festival and Bedford River festival.
Bedfordshire (40% of sales went to first time buyers) and De Montfort Place are fantastic options within Bedford.

Both Reading and Bedford have trains to take their inhabitants to London.

London is also changing due to th demand of home owners. Greenery and parks are being taken into account when building. Barking Riverside will be one ecofriendly community that has 11,000 homes inticing owners with living roofs, gardens, and much better insulation to help conserve energy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Today’s first-time home buyer tends to be significantly older and more settled than the first-time home buyer generally seen just a few decades ago.
  • This generation of first-time buyers is older, established in a line of work and already prepared to begin a family, which makes their priorities different from those of former generations.
  • A need for more bedrooms is one notable prerequisite for this generation of new and first-time homebuyers.

“The prospect of starting a family is also a factor changing the list of must-haves from bars and restaurants to primary education and back gardens.”

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