How money can buy you happiness

Money may not be able to buy you happiness in the traditional sense of hedonic purchases, but it certainly can uplift your spirits in a few other fashions. Donating money has shown to raise people’s levels of happiness according to scientists at the University of British Columbia. It has also been shown that 60% of people would be willing to give up some of their salary if it meant the possibility of having more free time, so giving up some of your earned income in exchange for more leisure time could also help increase the joy in your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although the saying that money cannot buy happiness might be true, but during Christmas many persons will have to spend on gifts for their loved ones.
  • Many people believe that they work too much. A recent research on Work Life balance found that 44 percent of respondent think so.
  • Many of the respondents, about sixty percent, said that they would sacrifice their salary, about 5-10 percent of their salary, to have more free time.

“Professor Elizabeth Dunn, who led the research, said then: “One of the most intriguing explanations for this counter-intuitive finding is that people often pour their increased wealth into pursuits that provide little in the way of lasting happiness, such as purchasing costly consumer goods.””

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