Money & Me: ‘I helped my parents buy a house when I was 24’

Read the story of one person who helped their parents buy a house. All it took was money earned from an apartment that was sold. That was reinvested in an Italian deli that made a lot of useful income. The 24 year old was able to buy a house for their parents as a result. That was a success story and one that appeal to people everywhere. The UK needs more stories like these for people.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shabnum Stumpf is a young entrepreneurial genius who opens up about her keys to success.
  • The best financial advice she has to offer the budding entrepreneur is to do something you want, not for the money.
  • Being responsible for her family, she makes sure to always have money that is accessible.

“At 24, I was able to support my parents to put a deposit on their home. I realized that being able to support my family was the most rewarding thing about having the money.”

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