Your style stamp:the top interior design tricks and tips to make a shared-ownership home your own

People often are excited to buy a home in order to put their own stamp on the property. However, with shared-ownership owners can meet restrictions for how to keep all parties happy in regards to interior design. Nicole Fontanella advises young Londoners to think about their apartments as a whole rather than a collection of rooms. She also recommends using mirrors in order to provide the illusion of more space. Using unique furniture pieces is another way to provide a lasting statement for your space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some people like to have stamps that are more personal to their own.
  • When it is your own particular property, you want to make sure it has a feel of yourself.
  • Putting your own touch on something is a sign that you have made it big time.

“Interior designer Nicola Fontanella sets the look for major first-time buyer developments across the capital. She advises young Londoners to think about their apartment or house as a whole, rather than as individual rooms.”

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