PROPERTY: Haunted houses sell for less, says researcher

According to a new study — the first of its kind — houses in the United Kingdom see their value drop once they have been investigated for paranormal activity. On average, these houses were priced at around 17% less than the surrounding properties. Homeowners had seen the value of their properties go down by thousands of pounds after a search for paranormal activity. This is possibly due to the high levels of superstition among Brits – 23% of whom said they thought they might have a haunted house.

Key Takeaways:

  • A recent study has displayed that houses investigated for paranormal activity decrease in value by 17%.
  • This is the first study of its kind, that shows just how superstitious British homeowners are.
  • 23% of Brits believe that their house may be haunted, and over 50% say that it would deter them from buying a house.

“Dr Ellis said his research suggested having a haunted house would knock almost £40,000 off the average UK property price when it came to selling it.”

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