Pros and cons:should you buy a new-build home?

Buying a new-build home has positives and negatives that potential buyers should carefully consider prior to making the purchase. The home has the potential to be a less stressful buy that won’t need DIY or repairs. Chances are the new home will be more energy efficient than a period home leading to lower utility bills. However, the home will come at a premium and you won’t be able to leave your mark or add value to the home through repairs. Also, many new flats are only coming with a balcony as opposed to a garden area.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new build homes means new amenities, no repairs to worry about, and a solid ten year warranty.
  • The builders will need their cut, and that usually means taking it out of your pocket in the form of a higher price.
  • Some people like being able to walk in to a brand new property and start fresh, while others find new homes to be lacking in “personality.”

“However, new builds aren’t for everyone and you should weigh up the pros and cons carefully to decide what factors are most important to you when deciding where to live.”

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