Don’t just Grab the First Mortgage You Can

Despite possible impressions to the contrary it’s a buyers market – meaning the mortgage lenders are desperate to get your business.

There are big differences in the deals you can get amounting to many thousands of pounds. So shop around it will be worth it.

(See Mortgage Buying Tips),

Talk to an independent mortgage adviser. They should be able to tell you the best deals on the market which you will be accepted for.

It’s important that you know which deals won’t automatically reject. This is because when you make an enquiry direct to a mortgage lender that might well go onto your credit rating as an application. If other lenders see you applied to their rivals and didn’t get a mortgage, they might assume you were turned down. So they will be less likely to want to lend to you…

Some mortgage lenders make special efforts to lure first time buyers in. So keep an eye out for these special deals.

Any mortgage broker worth their salt should know what these are. So apply to various ones and see what they come up with for you.


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