Selling your home? Using THIS estate agent could save you THOUSANDS of pounds –

High street has yet more competition with the online market as homeowners turn to virtual estate agents. Traditionally your estate agent will arrange every aspect of your home sale, from booking visitations to signing on the dotted line. However, this brick and mortar service comes with a hefty price tag; your estate agent is going to capture some of the profit from the sale of your home in the form of commission. The bigger the house you need to sell, the bigger their profit. Now, sellers have a choice that can save them significant money, especially if they are putting a larger, and more expensive, home on the market. Online estate agents can provide all the services of a traditional high street agent, except they charge a flat fee upfront, meaning a chunk of the commission stays in the seller’s pocket.

Key Takeaways:

  • UK citizens may be open to selling their home as needed. They will want to use one estate agent and save thousands of pounds too.
  • Arrange to meet with estate agents early on during the sales process itself. Save thousands of pounds once the sale is complete and work is finished.
  • UK families are sure to appreciate that kind of offer from the estate agent. These popular estate agents will not charge commission on these sales either.

“Unlike high street estate agents who charge commission on the sales that they have arranged, online estate agents generally charge a fixed fee upfront.”

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