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UK Mortgage News

The number of cheap deals on the market has risen more than three-fold in a year

As pension freedoms spark flood of cheap buy-to-let mortgages with the average two-year rate dropping from 3.7pc to 3.45pc in just six months. Additionally, investors can choose from 226 different fixed rate deals compared to 162 six months ago and 71 a year ago. Read the article here.

Your best bet as a homebuyer would be to secure a deal before the election

Following a 0.9% increase across the country in March, UK’s largest independent estate agent believes that house prices are likely to rise after the general election. This is as Haart’s index, which is based on sales at 100 branches around the UK, put the average price of a home at a new high of £206,726. Read the article here.

Homebuyers can now lock into a record low 1.99 per cent five-year fixed rate mortgage

While the deal comes with a big £1,499 fee, homebuyers can now lock into a record low rate below 2 per cent and is less of an impact for someone taking out a five-year loan than a two year deal. Read the article here.

Without London, the annual house price growth slows

As the catalyst of London’s ability to drag up house prices fades, property prices across England and Wales rose 5.6% annually last month, which is lowest annual increase since November 2013, as follows a 6.5% yearly increase in February and a recent high of 11.2% in August 2014. Read the article here.

As home shortages continue to inflate property prices, Britain now faces a ‘very real housing crisis’

The RICS predicts that property prices are predicted to rise 2.5% during 2015 and then increase by 4.5 per cent each year for the next five years; while Northern Ireland will see the strongest value growth overall. Read the article here.

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Variable Rate Mortgages at April 26 2015

Mortgage Lender* Rate* APR Cost* Type Period* Max LTV* Fee* Redemption* More Info
Coventry BS 1.79% for term 1.9% Variable Term 75% Arrangement £999 - Can I Really Get This Rate?
Coventry BS 1.89% for term 2.0% Variable Term 80% Arrangement £999 - Can I Really Get This Rate?
Coventry BS 1.89% for term 2.0% Variable Term 75% Arrangement £300 - Can I Really Get This Rate?
Coventry BS 2.55% for term 2.6% Variable Term 85% Arrangement £300 - Can I Really Get This Rate?
Hinckley & Rugby BS 3.69% for term 3.8% Variable Term 85% Arrangement £395, Completion £695 - Can I Really Get This Rate?

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The Three Most Important Things When Seeking a UK Mortgage

1) Research ! Research ! Research !

Choosing the right mortgage for your personal needs can make a huge difference to what you pay. So it’s good that you’re here ! It can all look very complex to non-mortgage professionals – and the “industry” makes extra money from this confusion. (Funny that !) But we’ll quickly help you simplify things.

2) Shop Around

Under no circumstances should you just take the first deal you are offered. Regardless of what you may think –- or be told –- if one mortgage lender has made you an offer this means others will. And their rate may be better. So keep shopping.

3) Get Three Quotes

You should aim to get at least three quotes or you could be overpaying by thousands of pounds.

Don’’t let your “trusted” bank fool you into taking their mortgage. (The days of loyalty to long-standing customers are long gone). Even if you are offered a “special loyalty rate” always get a comparison with other products.

The easiest way to get several quotes is by asking an independent mortgage adviser to help you. But make sure they truly are independent (See the Different Types of UK Mortgage Advisers).

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