Building in the face of uncertainty:the London boroughs defying Brexit with thousands of new homes

The idea of Brexit is scaring a lot of people in the United Kingdom. It is a time of uncertainty for a multitude of reasons. There are thousands of homes that are popping up even though there is economic uncertainty that is surrounding the country. Though these homes are popping up, people do not understand how the money is there to be spent. The government is worried that developers are going to be in a massive hole.

Key Takeaways:

  • As England continues to change, the government is getting worried about money being spent.
  • There is a lot of uncertainty regarding what is going to happen to the pound when Brexit is implemented.
  • There are still a lot of people trying to get involved into the real estate market in England.

“London’s reputation as a global centre for financial services and its burgeoning creative and tech industries will continue to attract workers from across the world, explains CBRE’s head of residential research Jennet Siebrits.”

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