What You’re Up Against

Problems To Deal With When You Are Trying To Buy Your New Home

Most home buyers encounter the following typical obstacles:

If you locate your dream home the chances are that others will also be interested in it. You might think that these guys are your only opposition in the race to buy. But watch out for the following problems as well

Problem 1: Getting the professionals to do their job in good time – and not hold you up (We’re talking about lawyers / surveyors / and the mortgage lender); (See Completing Your Property Deal for further details).

Problem 2: The chances of being gazumped;

Problem 3: The chances that the survey/valuation may reveal problems with the building – though you may not think these are such a big deal as the seller and may be able to use it to lower the price.

Problem 4: Problems with the chain – if you’re part of one.

Problem 5: Oh yes: You! If you’re not organised and efficient you’ll be one of your biggest obstacles. See how to get organised

If you’re a first time buyer see also Your first mortgage and home for a few more things to watch out for.

Welcome to the wonderful world of home buying!