GMAC-RFC – UK Mortgage Lenders

GMAC-RFC source mortgage business through Independent Financial Advisors. Thus cutting in branch network expenses they are able to offer competitive mortgage products across a wide range of markets.

If you have not heard of GMAC-RFC, you sure have heard of its ultimate parent company, General Motors. That’s right, General Motors that is linked to car manufacturing, but in the US its finance arm, GMAC Financial Services, is also a household name. Actually, it’s one of the largest financial services companies in the world operating in over 40 countries.

GMAC-RFC was created in the UK in 1998 and is now the UK’s 10th largest mortgage lender employing over 700 staff. In 2004 GMAC-RFC achieved £6.34 billion in mortgage loans and in the past 12 months has won a variety of awards for its products and services. Their headquarters is in Bracknell, Berkshire.

GMAC-RFC do not sell mortgage products but instead create and trade mortgage assets. This mode of function enables it to offers its customers a wide range of innovative mortgages. The mortgages it creates through lending activities are then “traded” as either securitised bonds for investment or transferred as portfolio sales to other mortgage lenders.

In 2004 it was winner of 4 awards, including best intermediary mortgage lender category’ in Your Mortgage magazine.