Red Hook: the hip New York enclave caught between gentrification and climate change

Red Hook is an awesome area in the upcoming city of Brooklyn. It is something that has been changing for a couple of years now. Many young people are headed out that way to live because of its proximity to New York and the culture that it adheres to. It is really fun and many people report to absolutely love it there. If you are looking for up and coming areas with democrats, this is for you!

Key Takeaways:

  • There are plenty of places in New York that are interesting besides Manhattan.
  • A lot of people are starting to realize the nice areas that surround the main city part of New York.
  • Living in a place like Queens can introduce you to so many different cultures out there.

“Residents of the transforming Brooklyn neighborhood, a peninsula surrounded by water, saw a grim look at its future on the city’s floodplain after Hurricane Sandy in 2012”

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