Signs of London recovery but could Carney’s comments put the BRAKES on UK property market?

There are a bunch of reasons as to why the property market in London is all over the place. London is one of the most desirable places for people to live in this world. Between London and New York, this is where many billionaires have residences and it is for good reason. However, the prices of certain properties have gone way overboard for many reasons. Now, they are starting to fluctuate because many realize that it is a good time to sell.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a lot of different reasons as to why people are selling a lot of properties.
  • The value of some of these properties is astronomical and it could not continue to go up.
  • The bottom line is that London, with New York, is the premier spot for real estate in the world.

“This would perhaps indicate that those at entry level and also the top end of the market – where prices have been hardest hit since 2016 – had been sniffing out bargains and striking deals, perhaps betting on the fact that the market had reached its floor, and coupled with still competitive rates of borrowing, have been taking the plunge whilst conditions are still favourable.”

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