The 19 areas that have seen property prices rise more than 250 per cent since the turn of the century

Land registry numbers in the UK show that Southend-on-Sea, which is an Essex town designated specifically as a ‘leisure pier’ for a longer period of time than has any other spot on the globe, has seen its property values ascend nearly 300% since the turn of the century. Three other east end UK towns have also experienced staggering price escalation, that is growth of more than 275%, in the same period. These towns are specifically, Basildon, Cambridge and Luton.

While these areas have experienced property value surges that are eye-popping enough, they are nonetheless outside of London, proper. Some London boroughs are giving even the east end London numbers a run for the money, boroughs like, Waltham Forest, in East London, which showed home value escalation equal to a rate of 364.9%, merely since January 2000. In fact, the award-winning estate agent site,, has taken it upon themselves to shine the spotlight on UK towns, where the value of properties has risen at least 250%. What the site discovered was that 19 different British towns and cities met that criteria, without even including London.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since January 2000, Southend-on-Sea property values have gone up more quickly than any other town in the UK, outside the capital.
  • Several other East England towns have also shown home value escalations of more than 250%, including Cambridge and Luton.
  • The London borough of Waltham Forrest, in East London, has shown an average property value ascension of 364.9% since January 2000.

“ identified 19 UK towns and cities that have seen average price growth of at least 250 per cent since January 2000. Only two of those towns – Salford and Sale – are in the north of England, and both are in Greater Manchester.”

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