How to Get a UK Mortgage

How you can get a UK Mortgage depends on various factors like who you go to.. what your circumstances are ie whether you’re employed or self-employed…  your credit score… whether the mortgage lender feels you can afford the property and so on.

Below we quickly summarise each factor for you and give you links to more detailed information so you can see where you stand with getting a UK Mortgage.


Who to Go To

UK Mortgages are provided through various channels.

You can get them from various places like your Bank – probably a bad idea, but it depends – or via a Mortgage Broker, probably a good idea, but it depends on whether they are truly independent and not restricted to a limited range of banks / mortgage lenders – you can read more about this here… Or via your Estate Agent (probably a very bad idea… but, again, it depends Read more about this here.

More About Your Circumstances

It also depends on your circumstances eg if you’re employed / self-employed, a First Time Buyer and so on. It’s all about how the lender feels about whether you can realistically meet the regular monthly mortgage repayments. You can read more about these different situations here

The Other Factors

These are How Much Can You Afford which depends on things like how much you earn and your Credit Score / Credit Rating

What Type of Mortgage Do You Want

You can decide this at a later stage but here’s a useful mortgage Flow Chart / Wizard giving you a steer on what the best type of mortgage might be for you.

Plus this useful article on How to Choose Your Mortgage

and checkout these Top Tips on UK Mortgages

and if you’re totally lost and confused… start here 🙂